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Aspen Pittman Designs 2017 Product Catalog

Aspen Pittman Designs model PFM Magnetic Pop Filter

PFM studio pop filters - a reissue of a former Groove Tubes product, my steel meshed studio pop filter that magnetically attaches to most microphone shock mounts. Also sold as the PFM+ with an additional mic stand clamp and goose neck for mic that do not have a shock mount. Target market: studio engineers.


Aspen Pittman Designs PFM

Centerpoint Stereo Spacestation V.3 Strereo Powered Monitor

Center Point Stereo - powered speakers utilizing our patented technology that produce a unique 3D stereo sound field everywhere in a room from a single cabinet. Currently we have a Spacestation v.3 amp on the market, and have announced a larger version shipping in May called the Spacestation XL. Target market: musicians who wish to perform in stereo such as guitarists with modeling amps or Keyboard players of nearly all types. Additionally as a PA solution, entire bands with a mixer and stereo FX can replace all stage amplification, PA and monitors with a single CPS speaker so that all performers and audience hear exactly the same stereo image (sounds crazy I know, but it really works well)


Centerpoint Stereo Spacestation XL


Apsen Pittman Designs Spacestation XL

Aspen Pittman Designs Duo Tonic Guitar Pedal

The DuoTonic pedal - mostly for guitarists playing vintage amps, so this has a 2 tube channel that gives wide tone and gain control designed to be the 'hot rod' channel (instead of modifying their vintage amp) and also has a dual OD section that is patterned after 2 classic stomp box pedals. So you can have the tube channel, the OD pedal, or both with the OD driving the tube channel. This can also be inserted directly to your mixer for recording applications.

Aspen Pittman Designs Duo Tonic Guitar Pedal

Aspen Pittman Designs DT1 4 in 1 Condenser Microphone

The DT1 (Dual Top) mic - This is basically a reissue of my TEC award winning condenser mic, the Groove Tubes Convertible, which I designed for both studio and stage, instruments and vocals. I features a removable ball pop filter, hence Dual Top', with a Hyper Cardioid pattern. Target market: Literally everybody who either records, plays out live or both.

Aspen Pittman Designs DT1 Condenser Microphone

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